Quick Start

Getting an API token to make requests.


In order to call most of the API endpoints, one needs to obtain an API_KEY. This token is currently obtainable by authenticating yourself to the system. The section below describes how to do that.

Once you have obtained your API_KEY, you must include it in all requests that require authentication. You do so by adding a Authorization header to the request with the value Bearer <API_KEY> as seen in the example on the right.

Some API requests are not actually just API endpoints, but the webhook requests, which will be sent to the URL provided by you. So there is not stuff about authentication.

Get an API token

Note: Please keep in mind, that anytime you must use the API key as a Bearer token.

For each API request you need to have a token. For getting a token, you need to login to your merchant's dashboard. In case when you don't have an account, you can register here https://merchant.fcfpay.com/register.

After logging in to the account, you can retrieve a token by creating a new project in https://merchant.fcfpay.com/admin/projects/create.

Note: keep the token (API key) in a safe place.

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